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Do you use an iPhone or iPod Touch? Check out Cadence App. Do you use iTunes with a Nano , Shuffle, or older iPod? Check out our Cadence Desktop Products. If your just looking for a few BPM’s check our new little baby, Cadence BPM Tapper. Got an iPad? Stay tuned.

"I simply CANNOT do without this app :)" - WEN
"Have LOVED this app since it came out and their staff are amazing in replying! I've recommend this to friends the world over!!!" - Mathew
"I love everything about it! Couldn't run without it!" - Amanda
"Love this app and it has helped me start to work out and lose weight!! thanks!!" - Erin
"I'm in the military and do a lot of training, this app paired with my Bluetooth headphones keeps me going strong on my workouts." - Bryan
"I easily put together some great cadence specific playlists for cycling." - Dave
"Top 5 health and fitness app" - Runners world UK
Cadence is featured in "Get the most out of your iPod" - Apple email blast
"Cadence is an app store essential app" - Apple App Store
"...you'll instantly fall in love with this app like I did. I may even leave my husband for it." - Paige Waehner, about.com
"I put in a few of the hardest, most frequently inaccurate songs–and it got every one of them correct." Chris Lawhorn : runhundred.com
"Cadence.fm has been featured by Apple 'New and Noteworthy' In the Health and fitness May , 2011"
"This is the App to get if you want BPM info in your iTunes tracks." Mac Life , June 2011"
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